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Bespoke outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness equipment and training hit a new high in 2022 with it becoming the 3rd most popular global fitness trend.

Our bespoke solutions including design, manufacture & installation provide outdoor fitness-inspired facilities and training equipment to support leisure, facilities sports, and events from conception to completion.

We also provide support to service the development of obstacle racing, extreme trail runs, and the greater demands for alternative training with bespoke alternative outdoor training equipment for any demographic, and facility for any space.

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Functional Training Station

Our functional training station is a highly customisable multi-station built for all year round outdoor use in a commercial and community setting, we blend the best of old-school calisthenics and the latest in functional training all in one station. Built to size and specific training features that will accommodate any area, facility, or user ability. The FTS is great for individual or group fitness boot camp-style inspired workouts.

Obstacle Park

Obstacle Park is our outdoor product created to offer the challenges of obstacle course style workouts and training. Obstacle Park can be used to create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course for functional training and can be designed for any space. We can plan and design a course layout using one of our many OC products, ideal for commercial or community use in health clubs, recreation centres, parks, military, fire, police, obstacle course races, and also back gardens.


Specifically engineered for outdoor use, these all in one solutions are used to create a functional versatile outdoor space suitable for everybody and any sized space. The FITHUB is a combination of fitness products that can be used individually or collectively as a group exercise program or class, can be utilised for special groups at recreation grounds, leisure centres, universities, health clubs, schools, holiday resort parks, athletic facilities and garden gyms.

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